Friday, June 27, 2014

Play computer required course taught you wireless mouse fix

Double-click the player problems often encountered when using gaming mice, whether IT is vertical portals, or external peripheral forums, QQ Group, double-click can often be seen as problems posed by players, as well as discussions to solve the problems caused. Almost all the top gaming mice have been being criticized by players for a double-click, game who does not appear, double-click the best wireless mouse, not because of quality, too little but because the number of users and the product concerned as well low.

This Gaming mouse if problems occur during the warranty period, you can solve a problem by aftermarket repair and replacement. But if the warranty period is over, just because the double click problem, will be hundreds of dollars of abandoned gaming wireless mouse playing limbo: No, it is really a pity. In order to avoid waste, allowing the best wireless gaming mouse to maximize heat recovery (in fact, no money). DIY micro mouse replaced will be peripheral players and hardcore (Gao Fushuai ignore) the essential skills.

Zhongguancun is a wired or wireless mouse for gaming and channel you want to think. Hands-on learning step by step teaches you from scratch to fretting. Even if there is no fretting to replace experienced players can also follow along, master the technique of micro replacement, moves it himself double mouse problem. Fretting replacement shows for everyone today, ravaged by the users is a snake a stir three years Naga gaming mouse, have gone beyond the warranty period, only to begin to replace micro repair.

After you replace the fretting, Naga Van Gogh snakes game mouse double click problem solve has been using the wireless mouse and you can continue to serve for three years, when players play the game on the battlefield's right-hand man. Replace fretting is not problematic for mouse, players do brave, you can repair double click problems. Of course, for those in the wireless mouse appears double-click within the warranty period, we recommend players to after sale warranty, to enjoy personal entitlement. More related:

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cool Wireless Chargers That Will Definitely WOW You

Wireless charging once and NFC as hot topic, but because the standard is not uniform, and built-in wireless charging module accepts multiple mobile devices, such as not yet entered the field of enterprise wireless charging is not too much. However, given the wearable device in the future rise, as well as technological advances in wireless charging efficiency, etc., I believe the future will walk this step near-field wireless charging of mobile devices.

Currently available LuguLake Qi charger mostly near-field electromagnetic induction charging, compared to traditional contact charger, they heat large, and transmission efficiency is not high, but after a place readily be able to charge very convenient. Therefore, the current wireless charging scenarios are mainly vehicle-mounted wireless charging, wireless charging mobile and desktop wireless charging. We talk about three desktop wireless charging markets today.

First, we can take a look first to its own built-in wireless charging cell phone maker Nokia is how big the LuguLake Qi charger do. Their wireless charger

So, I think a desktop-class wireless charger should be able to do good-looking and a wide range of charge. After all, it is something you want to put on the table.

On these two points, I think domestic manufacturer joy Technology LuguLake Qi charger (hereinafter referred to as Moon) has done.

GlowDeck is an integrated Bluetooth speakers and wireless charging devices, Bluetooth connection with your phone later, it can not only play music on your phone, but also to remind you message.

In terms of wireless charging, GlowDeck Qi standard is also used, as long as the surface of the phone on speaker can start charging, Bluetooth connection to your phone is detected after a full charge will automatically stop charging.

In addition, GlowDeck Bluetooth connection with your phone can be soft LED lights to remind you of new calls, SMS, and email.

I am also very surprised after I heard iNPOFi really cannot figure out how they are using technology to do. Then I do a wireless charging back a friend bought a charger with iNPOFi technology. She was very silent, said the so-called iNPOFi actually a special metal shell need to use the phone, the charger on a conductive metal, you understand? Phone's charging port and wire are also metal, you understand? Prospects for near-field wireless charging wireless charging is to increase the distance can be done within the current general 4mm, the future may be able to do within 2cm, and iNPOFi not need to buy specialized heavy metal phone shell, and must be completely fit charger, You understand?

I believe that with the development of technology and design, the future is bound to produce more sophisticated and practical wireless charging devices. But after the near-field wireless charging, probably is in any corner of a room can be charged far field of wireless charging technology flourished.