Saturday, May 31, 2014

Best Wireless Mouse Ratings 2014

Logitech M570

Although most peripheral manufacturers have stopped production and development trackball, but Logitech is part of the old sake of users, has been in the production and sales of the trackball. M570 trackball on to Mars trackball design, improved design, the appearance of a more generous and comfortable, rounded shape is not only suitable for use in the office, but also suitable for use as a best wireless mouse when you build HTPC.

Despite the fact that most users are accustomed to using a best wireless mouse 2014, trackball, but in some respects compared with the mouse still has the absolute advantage. When such use without moving, the overall shape can be as comfortable as possible, to a certain extent, can reduce the incidence of the mouse hand. Without the use of the use of a mouse pad, can be used on any smooth surface anywhere , Logitech M570 Trackball Logitech again as new work launched in 2008 , making use of wireless technology , and has gifted two power-saving features, the habit of using trackball users , it is extremely practical.

Logitech G700

Logitech G700 Wireless Gaming Mouse is designed for high-end players to create a best wireless gaming mouse 2014, it can make each of the features to get the best players in the controlled environment of intense game, so seize the opportunity. With super ergonomic design provides up to 13 keys and the number of complex design, fully qualified for any one of the mainstream gaming needs. The maximum resolution of up to 5700dpi and can store five modes. Wheel is also intended to have fast and normal modes. G700 not only an advantage in the game, in the daily office, learning and other areas also stand out. It is stable and reliable wireless connections. Mobile positioning and quick precise, called one of the strongest in the mouse thousand. Click read more best wireless gaming mouse of 2014.

Logitech M705

A battery life of up to three years of battery life helps to save time and money, and from the fact avoids frequent battery replacement trouble. When the battery power is low, the indicator light will give you a hint.
2, implies the use of precision laser tracking laser can get smoother tracking performance on any surface.
3, using a design right-handed use design lets your natural hand placement, and according to the individual need to achieve more control.
4, just scroll quickly scroll look, you can fly through documents and Web pages. Click on the desired point scroll mode enables you to get browse tables, slides and pictures precise manipulation.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Apple Magic Mouse wireless mouse and enjoy fingertip touch

Whether or peripheral parts of computer products, Apple's products have been in keeping with the work of art as superior. Apple Magic Mouse is one of a best wireless mouse which use ultra-thin curved design, support for multi-touch, using a Bluetooth wireless connection technology, the overall in terms of performance and appearance is very good, reaching a peak in the state.

Apple Magic Mouse is definitely on the appearance of the work of art, the lower half of the aluminum metal texture is velvety, the upper half is milk white polycarbonate texture, with a subtle sheen. The entire surface of only a single button, you can change the setting so that the best wireless gaming mouse 2014 can identify right-click or left-handed set of features to suit. Appearance is "arc" design, mainly touch surface well, seems to have a definite sense of curves, graceful appearance.

Phone and iPod touch through the Multi-Touch technology. The Apple Magic Mouse allows users to interact with content on breakthrough ways. In addition to the two main left-click or right-click button, you can on the page, photo viewer, or a file with a single finger to do a 360-degree rotation to move the cursor or best wireless mouse 2014 to about two fingers above the slide on move up or down on the page where. This is tested through its Multi-Touch Mac surfaces when using a variety of gestures, just like on the screen with your fingers as easily touch ease.

Editor Comment: Apple Magic Mouse can be connected via Bluetooth wireless to your Mac, so no wire or separate adapter to worry about. Air Magic Mouse with your Mac supports Bluetooth, you can enjoy safe, reliable connections in places as far away as 33 feet away.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lugulake Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review

LuguLake Bluetooth Speaker is the recent release of a new product , using a Bluetooth connection , the flagship portable player , music experience anytime, anywhere , which speakers volume of small size, only 96 * 86 * 37mm large, and palms , like adults , body weighs only 162 grams , Lugulake in such a petite body was hidden by a large diameter unit , can be seen from the exterior unit accounted for a large part , and that the unit has been specifically tuned to optimize available loud voice In addition, the paragraph also has a built-in microphone , answer the phone , very convenient. It seems that we cannot just be judged by the appearance on Lugulake wireless speakers, because X100 has a mini body is inherently rich products, in order to understand the need to carefully experience.

LuguLake Crystal Shaped Bluetooth Speaker Portable Mini 

Wireless Speaker With 3.5mm Audio Jack

For the sedentary habits of white-collar workers who, more or less have a longing for nature, we can always find a lot of outdoor enthusiasts around the figure, outdoor nature is dazzling, but in small series of eyes, related suit Outdoor portable LuguLake Speaker products are few and far between, and this time it will be the concept of outdoor sports Lugulake into its latest Bluetooth audio - music on the way, compared to indoor use speakers, the outdoor Bluetooth speaker for the production process and need to have a more creative features extraordinary request, and this model DS-1209's Lugulake portable speaker took this concept, today brings this sound evaluation, as generations have before gestures subsequent production of the Smart Speaker , its performance is still worth Xiaobian look forward to it.

Lugulake outdoor stereo Bluetooth are three main anti-quality speaker package from this point of view, it would obviously have such a prerequisite, the white paper packaging is environmentally friendly solid black plastic liner to do a packaging, paper You can see the quality of packaging generally positive appearance of the product, in addition to some of the key information about the product can also find out from the outside. For Lotto this sound, its exquisite workmanship and uphold the design Lugulake fashion sense has always been, Lotto did not use the traditional radius design, but with an irregular oval cylinder design, the speaker does not count is very large, with a single hand grip is just right, in addition to the songs light blue charm, as well as dark green, dark gray, bright yellow, red and other colors dazzle choose.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bluetooth Speakers Allows You to Get Rid of Messy Wires

Function more comprehensive powerful mobile phones, tablet PCs, is definitely the hottest in recent years, digital 3C products, along with the entire market fiery, appropriate accessories and additional industry came into being, and the formation of a huge industrial chain, mobile phones changed the way people life, let's " wired world" toward " infinite future" marching, the future is the "wireless " world.
"Bluetooth" is the most popular mobile wireless technology, but also the most mature one, technologically advanced, high performance, easy to connect, but also the most populist kind of wireless technology, our lives have already everywhere Bluetooth products, but never most people do not realize change it brings to our lives.
Today, I will introduce four types of Bluetooth products, they are with our lives, but as long as you are willing, you can easily get to change lives, to the radio, is actually very simple.
LuguLake Bluetooth Speaker is definitely the fieriest Bluetooth products, along with the shrinking of traditional multimedia LuguLake Bluetooth Speaker desktop market toward the end, but along with the tablet, smart phones and other Bluetooth built- huge market demand for electronic products, small portable, easy to use, easy to put Bluetooth speaker slowly becoming a hot consumer.
Today, with the advent of smart wearable device concepts, "LuguLake Bluetooth Speaker" is also popular. It is compact shape, the whole weight of 53.2 grams, and only palm-sized, as well as an elastic strap design, very easy to carry out, hiking, running, riding, a variety of outdoor sports can be used, it can connect the phone to play music, the built-in the microphone can also be used and receive calls, scalable TF card capable of playing cards within the resources, the real Bluetooth speakers do a " wearable " level, you could get it to replace even a Bluetooth headset.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Classic high-end gaming mouse Logitech G500s price 360 ​​yuan

Logitech g500s using 8200DPI optical engine that supports 10 custom buttons, supports dual-mode light metal wheel design and DPI indicates strong performance.

Logitech wireless mouse in the new G500s game design is consistent with the G500, also uses the right hand ergonomic design, the pattern of the best wireless mouse shortcut keys are also consistent, but G500s more daring designs, wireless mouse superstructure family using the latest design language, printed with stripes (densely packed with tentacles like a line straight) hydrophobic coating also all facelift this wireless mouse products is a major feature, and a best wireless gaming mouse for G Series logo has also been the re-design

Logitech G500s wireless mouse game with a 10-button design, after installing the driver can be custom-designed, This best wireless mouse mac with built Avago laser engine on top of each key feature, the maximum sampling rate can provide 8200DPI wireless mouse body with DPI displays the number of features backlit blue LED lights are lit on behalf of the current DPI gear.

Editorial comment:

By G500s game as an upgrade wireless mouse, Logitech G500s still maintained excellent value for money, A9800 optical engine with 10 custom-programmable buttons, comparable to top game wireless mouse using ultra-high performance and rich features to meet the most demanding gamer's needs, it is worth starting.

Friday, May 16, 2014

PFP feel good price - Pennefather wireless mouse V500 machinery

Lift Machinery wireless mouse, many people will think of first-class feel comfortable to use, programmable, etc., of course, but also think it is much higher than the high price of a  best wireless mouse. But there is a demand there will be a market, there is now a cheap, comfortable experience in mechanical wireless mouse does? As a well-known domestic brands of peripherals Pennefather, and finally at the beginning of the introduction of a variety of machinery and wireless mouse, and one of the V500 is a.

Compared to ordinar and best wireless gaming mouse, Pennefather V500 to the first author is beautiful and feels calm, in the hand, rather weight. Unique surface coating and the mouse patchwork wealthy another beauty. Wireless mouse itself uses a standard USB port to connect the black cable connected to the computer. Wire work is very solid, but also thick, 2 meters of wire long enough to deal with various scenarios. Meanwhile, online also strengthen the stability of magnetic interference with the data transmission. USB port at the Pennefather printed in English LOGO, gold-plated connectors treatment, enhanced performance separable interface and equipped with a transparent protective cap.

Careful friends will find different standard m and best wireless mice. Pennefather V500 with an 87 key design. Overall layout is very compact and can save disk space and improve operational efficiency. From the modeling point of view, Pennefather wireless mouse V500 mechanical style overall color is black, but orange plate not only to the overall structure of the mouse is more solid, more robust keyboard also allows ultra- narrow bezel not only reduces the extra modification , and further narrowing of the keyboard space. After the pull keycaps can see the true capacity yellow axis, although the above is not printed on the manufacturer's LOGO, but it is understood, yellow shaft and shaft as Razer are KAIHUA production.

For a long time , machinery wireless mouse in the eyes of everybody feel good knowledge base as a niche product , but , but Pennefather V500 launch " Tall " costly , not only to fill the vacancies in the entry-level products , while allowing early adopters to experience a lot of thought mechanical mouse , while price-sensitive users have more and better choices .

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

3-FireWire competitive wireless mouse full range of fillet evaluation

Because of the relationship between the evaluation period we did not test these two fillet durability, but it certainly is the degree of wear in these days use the new FireWire Athletics posted a relatively small angle, whether it is white or black version is version To find significant wear and tear, it seems the new FireWire athletics workmanship and materials still allows users to be assured.

New FireWire wireless mouse fillet competitive advantages:

Offers players the black version (wear resistant) and white version (Super-slip) are two options, and mainstream best wireless gaming mouse, Microsoft, Logitech, Razer series are all included. Actual results are trustworthy, high cost.

New FireWire wireless mouse fillet competitive disadvantages:

As for the mainstream games on the bottom of the best wireless mouse foot pad dimensions exactly match (wealthy too small), so players must be aligned using the paste to avoid wear and tear in the end portion of the foot pad.

In order to allow domestic players can use cheap and easy to paste corner, the launch of the black version of FireWire athletics (wear resistant) includes a Logitech G5 (Data Base price review) version / G7, Logitech MX500 version, Microsoft IE3.0 version, Razer special edition. The white version (Super-slip) also includes the Logitech G5/G7 version, Logitech MX500 version, Microsoft IE3.0 version, Razer special edition, so you figure the FireWire version athletics has introduced eight stickers angle, so that all Players can buy their own best wireless mice fillet.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

7-Truly to conquer glass! 2009 best new flagship Logitech Wireless Mouse Video Review

I believe that , M950 biggest feature is the use of Logitech Darkfield unbounded laser technology , allowing users on virtually any surface are able to achieve precise cursor control , even on a transparent glass tabletop optical best wireless mouse and standard laser mice can not be used ( at least 4 mm thick ) . This technology undoubtedly has great significance.

First, from the perspective of best wireless gaming mouse, Logitech M950 has a metal edge fashion appearance, precise positioning capability, up to 30 days of battery life and multimedia multiple -definable keys are very satisfactory. Ergonomic aspects, this wireless mouse have inherited the " Revolution," the classic shape, distortions exaggerated, in favor of Western -hand. The speed of the wheel, the left-wing program switch button Logitech very successful design, quite unique and practical, even if there is no " unbounded " and " gifted " These two new technologies, M950 also has a very high-end Logitech wireless mouse up.

The addition of this mouse has a " gifted " technology currently practical significance for many consumers still do not. " Unifying " technology intended to refer to simultaneously connect 6 Unifying 2.4G wireless devices, but the technology product currently has only a few paragraphs , I believe no one will simultaneously use four 2 keyboard and best wireless mice bar , besides Logitech products Price is also an insurmountable obstacle. However, according to Logitech 's strength has always been , we have reason to believe that there will soon be " gifted " headphones, wireless microphone, etc. game pad peripheral products introduced, perhaps by then , " Unifying " technology will become a solution insufficient number of USB interfaces good solution .

Logitech M950 pros and cons list
Advantages & Disadvantages
Glass interface can conquer unbounded laser engine
Only two branches highest 1500DPI switch
Very useful program switch button
125Hz report rate only , not suitable for sports games
Long battery life , and side by side charging

Dual-mode scroll wheel speed
Large area of ​​high quality mats extremely smooth

Monday, May 12, 2014

Toshiba to Unveil New Wireless Charging Chip

Wireless Power Consortium features ConvenientPower Limited, Fulton Innovation LLC, Logitech, National Semiconductor Corporation, Olympus Corporation, Royal Philips Electronics, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Consumer Communications Ltd. and Texas Instruments Inc. (in alphabetical order) of nine company was founded to develop all electronic equipment can be compatible wireless low-power charge of international standards for the mission.

Until January 23, 2013, the Alliance has 145 member companies, including Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Energizer and more.

Wireless charging is one that looks promising, and "money" King of things, in addition to allowing users to be liberated from clumsy LuguLake Qi charger, it also allows the device to reduce the charging port exposed, reducing dust and liquid immersion possible.

However, there is not yet mature wireless charging, charging efficiency is a big problem. Toshiba has launched a new wireless charging integrated circuit chip TC7763WBG, said the device allows fast wireless charging.

Compared to existing wireless charging technology, the chip has two main features. First, it uses the Qi wireless charging standard, making it compatible with other devices and use the same standard LuguLake Qi charger. The moment there are many competing wireless charging standard, but Qi standard using the widest range.

Another point is that the charge rate, TC7763WBG 5w chip capable of up to a maximum output power, the charging cable can be comparable to effectively reduce the waiting time to charge.

The chip is currently not available on any hardware device, LuguLake Qi charger or accessory, but Toshiba has a mass. One day, perhaps spread to fast charge on any smart device.

How to Deal with Wireless Mouse Failures

Often times, when buying a computer, you will be given a wireless mouse. The fact is that the wireless mouse is not as easy to use as the wireless one. That's the reason why more and more people prefer the wireless mouse. But occasionally the wireless mouse does work. Here are some tips that may help you deal with the problems.

1, The wireless mouse either uses AA batteries or AAA batteries. If your best wireless mouse doesn't respond work, then check out if the battery dies or not.

2, A 2.4 G wireless mouse receiver uses a mini-USB interface. When the wireless mouse doesn't work, try to use it on a different computer. By doing this, you will know if there is something wrong with the USB interface of your computer.

3 , The working distance of a 2.4 G wireless mouse is generally 10-12 meters. Make sure that you don't use the mouse beyond the distance. If you use an infrared wireless mouse, please make sure that there is no obstruction between the mouse and the receiver.

4, Some wireless mouse solutions are not always perfect. Interference may occur if you have someone in your room who are using the same mouse as yours.

5, It is also recommended that you use a solid color best wireless gaming mouse pad.

6 , If the above tips don't work, then you are recommended to get your mouse fixed.

7 , Some best wireless mice require that you install a driver. It's rare condition.