Thursday, May 22, 2014

Lugulake Bluetooth Portable Speaker Review

LuguLake Bluetooth Speaker is the recent release of a new product , using a Bluetooth connection , the flagship portable player , music experience anytime, anywhere , which speakers volume of small size, only 96 * 86 * 37mm large, and palms , like adults , body weighs only 162 grams , Lugulake in such a petite body was hidden by a large diameter unit , can be seen from the exterior unit accounted for a large part , and that the unit has been specifically tuned to optimize available loud voice In addition, the paragraph also has a built-in microphone , answer the phone , very convenient. It seems that we cannot just be judged by the appearance on Lugulake wireless speakers, because X100 has a mini body is inherently rich products, in order to understand the need to carefully experience.

LuguLake Crystal Shaped Bluetooth Speaker Portable Mini 

Wireless Speaker With 3.5mm Audio Jack

For the sedentary habits of white-collar workers who, more or less have a longing for nature, we can always find a lot of outdoor enthusiasts around the figure, outdoor nature is dazzling, but in small series of eyes, related suit Outdoor portable LuguLake Speaker products are few and far between, and this time it will be the concept of outdoor sports Lugulake into its latest Bluetooth audio - music on the way, compared to indoor use speakers, the outdoor Bluetooth speaker for the production process and need to have a more creative features extraordinary request, and this model DS-1209's Lugulake portable speaker took this concept, today brings this sound evaluation, as generations have before gestures subsequent production of the Smart Speaker , its performance is still worth Xiaobian look forward to it.

Lugulake outdoor stereo Bluetooth are three main anti-quality speaker package from this point of view, it would obviously have such a prerequisite, the white paper packaging is environmentally friendly solid black plastic liner to do a packaging, paper You can see the quality of packaging generally positive appearance of the product, in addition to some of the key information about the product can also find out from the outside. For Lotto this sound, its exquisite workmanship and uphold the design Lugulake fashion sense has always been, Lotto did not use the traditional radius design, but with an irregular oval cylinder design, the speaker does not count is very large, with a single hand grip is just right, in addition to the songs light blue charm, as well as dark green, dark gray, bright yellow, red and other colors dazzle choose.

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