Tuesday, May 13, 2014

7-Truly to conquer glass! 2009 best new flagship Logitech Wireless Mouse Video Review

I believe that , M950 biggest feature is the use of Logitech Darkfield unbounded laser technology , allowing users on virtually any surface are able to achieve precise cursor control , even on a transparent glass tabletop optical best wireless mouse and standard laser mice can not be used ( at least 4 mm thick ) . This technology undoubtedly has great significance.

First, from the perspective of best wireless gaming mouse, Logitech M950 has a metal edge fashion appearance, precise positioning capability, up to 30 days of battery life and multimedia multiple -definable keys are very satisfactory. Ergonomic aspects, this wireless mouse have inherited the " Revolution," the classic shape, distortions exaggerated, in favor of Western -hand. The speed of the wheel, the left-wing program switch button Logitech very successful design, quite unique and practical, even if there is no " unbounded " and " gifted " These two new technologies, M950 also has a very high-end Logitech wireless mouse up.

The addition of this mouse has a " gifted " technology currently practical significance for many consumers still do not. " Unifying " technology intended to refer to simultaneously connect 6 Unifying 2.4G wireless devices, but the technology product currently has only a few paragraphs , I believe no one will simultaneously use four 2 keyboard and best wireless mice bar , besides Logitech products Price is also an insurmountable obstacle. However, according to Logitech 's strength has always been , we have reason to believe that there will soon be " gifted " headphones, wireless microphone, etc. game pad peripheral products introduced, perhaps by then , " Unifying " technology will become a solution insufficient number of USB interfaces good solution .

Logitech M950 pros and cons list
Advantages & Disadvantages
Glass interface can conquer unbounded laser engine
Only two branches highest 1500DPI switch
Very useful program switch button
125Hz report rate only , not suitable for sports games
Long battery life , and side by side charging

Dual-mode scroll wheel speed
Large area of ​​high quality mats extremely smooth

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