Monday, May 12, 2014

Toshiba to Unveil New Wireless Charging Chip

Wireless Power Consortium features ConvenientPower Limited, Fulton Innovation LLC, Logitech, National Semiconductor Corporation, Olympus Corporation, Royal Philips Electronics, Sanyo Electric Co., Ltd., Shenzhen Consumer Communications Ltd. and Texas Instruments Inc. (in alphabetical order) of nine company was founded to develop all electronic equipment can be compatible wireless low-power charge of international standards for the mission.

Until January 23, 2013, the Alliance has 145 member companies, including Nokia, HTC, Samsung, Energizer and more.

Wireless charging is one that looks promising, and "money" King of things, in addition to allowing users to be liberated from clumsy LuguLake Qi charger, it also allows the device to reduce the charging port exposed, reducing dust and liquid immersion possible.

However, there is not yet mature wireless charging, charging efficiency is a big problem. Toshiba has launched a new wireless charging integrated circuit chip TC7763WBG, said the device allows fast wireless charging.

Compared to existing wireless charging technology, the chip has two main features. First, it uses the Qi wireless charging standard, making it compatible with other devices and use the same standard LuguLake Qi charger. The moment there are many competing wireless charging standard, but Qi standard using the widest range.

Another point is that the charge rate, TC7763WBG 5w chip capable of up to a maximum output power, the charging cable can be comparable to effectively reduce the waiting time to charge.

The chip is currently not available on any hardware device, LuguLake Qi charger or accessory, but Toshiba has a mass. One day, perhaps spread to fast charge on any smart device.

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