Monday, May 12, 2014

How to Deal with Wireless Mouse Failures

Often times, when buying a computer, you will be given a wireless mouse. The fact is that the wireless mouse is not as easy to use as the wireless one. That's the reason why more and more people prefer the wireless mouse. But occasionally the wireless mouse does work. Here are some tips that may help you deal with the problems.

1, The wireless mouse either uses AA batteries or AAA batteries. If your best wireless mouse doesn't respond work, then check out if the battery dies or not.

2, A 2.4 G wireless mouse receiver uses a mini-USB interface. When the wireless mouse doesn't work, try to use it on a different computer. By doing this, you will know if there is something wrong with the USB interface of your computer.

3 , The working distance of a 2.4 G wireless mouse is generally 10-12 meters. Make sure that you don't use the mouse beyond the distance. If you use an infrared wireless mouse, please make sure that there is no obstruction between the mouse and the receiver.

4, Some wireless mouse solutions are not always perfect. Interference may occur if you have someone in your room who are using the same mouse as yours.

5, It is also recommended that you use a solid color best wireless gaming mouse pad.

6 , If the above tips don't work, then you are recommended to get your mouse fixed.

7 , Some best wireless mice require that you install a driver. It's rare condition.

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