Friday, May 16, 2014

PFP feel good price - Pennefather wireless mouse V500 machinery

Lift Machinery wireless mouse, many people will think of first-class feel comfortable to use, programmable, etc., of course, but also think it is much higher than the high price of a  best wireless mouse. But there is a demand there will be a market, there is now a cheap, comfortable experience in mechanical wireless mouse does? As a well-known domestic brands of peripherals Pennefather, and finally at the beginning of the introduction of a variety of machinery and wireless mouse, and one of the V500 is a.

Compared to ordinar and best wireless gaming mouse, Pennefather V500 to the first author is beautiful and feels calm, in the hand, rather weight. Unique surface coating and the mouse patchwork wealthy another beauty. Wireless mouse itself uses a standard USB port to connect the black cable connected to the computer. Wire work is very solid, but also thick, 2 meters of wire long enough to deal with various scenarios. Meanwhile, online also strengthen the stability of magnetic interference with the data transmission. USB port at the Pennefather printed in English LOGO, gold-plated connectors treatment, enhanced performance separable interface and equipped with a transparent protective cap.

Careful friends will find different standard m and best wireless mice. Pennefather V500 with an 87 key design. Overall layout is very compact and can save disk space and improve operational efficiency. From the modeling point of view, Pennefather wireless mouse V500 mechanical style overall color is black, but orange plate not only to the overall structure of the mouse is more solid, more robust keyboard also allows ultra- narrow bezel not only reduces the extra modification , and further narrowing of the keyboard space. After the pull keycaps can see the true capacity yellow axis, although the above is not printed on the manufacturer's LOGO, but it is understood, yellow shaft and shaft as Razer are KAIHUA production.

For a long time , machinery wireless mouse in the eyes of everybody feel good knowledge base as a niche product , but , but Pennefather V500 launch " Tall " costly , not only to fill the vacancies in the entry-level products , while allowing early adopters to experience a lot of thought mechanical mouse , while price-sensitive users have more and better choices .

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