Monday, May 19, 2014

Classic high-end gaming mouse Logitech G500s price 360 ​​yuan

Logitech g500s using 8200DPI optical engine that supports 10 custom buttons, supports dual-mode light metal wheel design and DPI indicates strong performance.

Logitech wireless mouse in the new G500s game design is consistent with the G500, also uses the right hand ergonomic design, the pattern of the best wireless mouse shortcut keys are also consistent, but G500s more daring designs, wireless mouse superstructure family using the latest design language, printed with stripes (densely packed with tentacles like a line straight) hydrophobic coating also all facelift this wireless mouse products is a major feature, and a best wireless gaming mouse for G Series logo has also been the re-design

Logitech G500s wireless mouse game with a 10-button design, after installing the driver can be custom-designed, This best wireless mouse mac with built Avago laser engine on top of each key feature, the maximum sampling rate can provide 8200DPI wireless mouse body with DPI displays the number of features backlit blue LED lights are lit on behalf of the current DPI gear.

Editorial comment:

By G500s game as an upgrade wireless mouse, Logitech G500s still maintained excellent value for money, A9800 optical engine with 10 custom-programmable buttons, comparable to top game wireless mouse using ultra-high performance and rich features to meet the most demanding gamer's needs, it is worth starting.

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