Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Bluetooth Speakers Allows You to Get Rid of Messy Wires

Function more comprehensive powerful mobile phones, tablet PCs, is definitely the hottest in recent years, digital 3C products, along with the entire market fiery, appropriate accessories and additional industry came into being, and the formation of a huge industrial chain, mobile phones changed the way people life, let's " wired world" toward " infinite future" marching, the future is the "wireless " world.
"Bluetooth" is the most popular mobile wireless technology, but also the most mature one, technologically advanced, high performance, easy to connect, but also the most populist kind of wireless technology, our lives have already everywhere Bluetooth products, but never most people do not realize change it brings to our lives.
Today, I will introduce four types of Bluetooth products, they are with our lives, but as long as you are willing, you can easily get to change lives, to the radio, is actually very simple.
LuguLake Bluetooth Speaker is definitely the fieriest Bluetooth products, along with the shrinking of traditional multimedia LuguLake Bluetooth Speaker desktop market toward the end, but along with the tablet, smart phones and other Bluetooth built- huge market demand for electronic products, small portable, easy to use, easy to put Bluetooth speaker slowly becoming a hot consumer.
Today, with the advent of smart wearable device concepts, "LuguLake Bluetooth Speaker" is also popular. It is compact shape, the whole weight of 53.2 grams, and only palm-sized, as well as an elastic strap design, very easy to carry out, hiking, running, riding, a variety of outdoor sports can be used, it can connect the phone to play music, the built-in the microphone can also be used and receive calls, scalable TF card capable of playing cards within the resources, the real Bluetooth speakers do a " wearable " level, you could get it to replace even a Bluetooth headset.

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