Saturday, May 24, 2014

Apple Magic Mouse wireless mouse and enjoy fingertip touch

Whether or peripheral parts of computer products, Apple's products have been in keeping with the work of art as superior. Apple Magic Mouse is one of a best wireless mouse which use ultra-thin curved design, support for multi-touch, using a Bluetooth wireless connection technology, the overall in terms of performance and appearance is very good, reaching a peak in the state.

Apple Magic Mouse is definitely on the appearance of the work of art, the lower half of the aluminum metal texture is velvety, the upper half is milk white polycarbonate texture, with a subtle sheen. The entire surface of only a single button, you can change the setting so that the best wireless gaming mouse 2014 can identify right-click or left-handed set of features to suit. Appearance is "arc" design, mainly touch surface well, seems to have a definite sense of curves, graceful appearance.

Phone and iPod touch through the Multi-Touch technology. The Apple Magic Mouse allows users to interact with content on breakthrough ways. In addition to the two main left-click or right-click button, you can on the page, photo viewer, or a file with a single finger to do a 360-degree rotation to move the cursor or best wireless mouse 2014 to about two fingers above the slide on move up or down on the page where. This is tested through its Multi-Touch Mac surfaces when using a variety of gestures, just like on the screen with your fingers as easily touch ease.

Editor Comment: Apple Magic Mouse can be connected via Bluetooth wireless to your Mac, so no wire or separate adapter to worry about. Air Magic Mouse with your Mac supports Bluetooth, you can enjoy safe, reliable connections in places as far away as 33 feet away.

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